Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stegostyla et al

A couple of tough ones today!

This has to be Stegostyla species. Two known to be in my area are Stegostyla iridescens (Western Bronze) which this one possibly is and S. cucullata, the Hooded Caladenia.

UPDATE: Thanks to Denis' research, this orchid is Stegostyla cucullata. If you open the link, you will see Denis found a different species of the tiny Caladenia, Petalochilus mentiens and he has confirmed (in comments to this entry here) mine is Petalochilus pusillus.

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Stegostlya cucullata

There was no colour on the petals (they were white) but for the speckling on the tips. Now this is where it becomes confusing! From what I've been able to determine with regard to S. iridescens, there is some petal colouring. However, the very dark purple labellum and composition probably rule out other Steogstyla species.

I found two colonies of them, both growing around old gold diggings.

This tiny Caladenia species is probably Petalochilus pusillus, the Tiny Petalochilus Orchid. The ones I've found are all the same colour and the flower measures no more than 10mm diameter.

This is Platylobium obtusangulum - Common Flat Pea. The leaf quite angular and it has a spreading habit.

Dillwynia globerrima - Smooth Parrot Pea, I believe.

I almost missed this small plant.
Grevillea alpina or Cats Claws/Mountain Grevillea.
Corrections welcome as usual.


Denis Wilson said...

I have seen two species of "Caladenias" today, both almost identical to your plants. So, our flowering season timing is clearly coming closer. Both species flowering together now seems to indicate consistency.
I haven't processed my images yet, and I need to check my texts and the Internet.
I will let you know in a few days, What I work out about my plants.

Junior Lepid said...

That's interesting re. you finding the same type of plants on the same day, Denis.

I look forward to seeing your photos - and of course, whether no not I have to take to my post with the red pen!! :-)

I began to notice the tiny caladenia a week or so ago - thinking at the time it was just a struggling Pink Fingers, but I found lots today, clearly indicating they are their own little species.

Denis Wilson said...

Back again, with confirmation of both your Petalochilus pusillus and Stagostyla cucullata. You are supposed to sniff that flower - apparently it has a lemon scent. I seldom get the scents which some of these plants have. God knows I get close enough, when taking photos, but my nose is obviously not as sensitive as it ought be.
I have just published my photo of my own tiny pink finger Orchid, which turns out to be Pet. mentiens.
Your plant has the diagnostic fused lateral sepals (the middle "fingers"). Mine is different.
Hard work getting these tiny plants from all different angles, and trying to track down the references.
Colin doesn't have my plant on his site. I shall have to let him know there is a new species here for him to photograph.

Junior Lepid said...

Many thanks, Denis,

I'll make the necessary amendment to S. cucculata. If I return to the colonies, I'll certainly put them to the 'scent test'. I don't often detect scent either and I get close and personal when taking photos too! i won't have trouble finding them - I know exactly where they are!

Interesting to learn there are at least two species of the tiny Caladenia.

Thanks again for your help, Denis.