Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rabbit Ears, Wallflowers & A Dash Of Lace...

We are expecting a weather change later today so I made the most of the sun whilst it lasted! I'm glad I did. I explored some heathy bushland and on the side of the goat track I was driving on, I spied these!

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Corrections welcome, but I suspect they are Diuris orientis - the Wallflower Orchid. There were quite a few in the colony.

Came across these yesterday. Unfortunately, they were not fully open.

Thelymitra antennifera or Rabbit Ears Sun Orchid. The labellum of this small Sun Orchid certainly looks like a little rabbit face!

I treed this bloke as I was trundling around today. I was delighted with the encounter as I haven't seen a Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) in the area for about 15 years. This one was obviously enjoying some sun when I disturbed it. Also needs a good meal too, I suspect.

I'm happy with the shot as it was a quick point and shoot because the Monitor was not planning to hang around while I changed camera settings.


Denis Wilson said...

Catch as catch can, with Goannas.
I am getting cross with you finding all these wonderful Orchids. Not much happening here, as it has been too cold for any Sun Orchids here. A series of 8 to 12 degree days, for weeks on end. Hardly inducive to them opening.
Both species match Jeanes and Backhouse images and descriptions.
Love the Rabbit Ears. Aren't the Sun Orchids wonderfully weird in their minute details?
Jealous as....

Junior Lepid said...

Well I'm like a kid let loose in a sweet shop at the moment!! I'm learning such a lot and finding a new species almost every time I go walking is just a bonus. I went into 2 new areas yesterday, one with open heath and heathy bushlnd.

I reckon there's 3 years orchid work in the area for this beginner.

Thank you too, Denis, for helping me. It makes all the difference being able to put a name to a face.

Denis Wilson said...


I just found this "set" of plants, mostly orchids from the Grampians (Stawell to Dunkeld)

Check it out - it might give you some clues on local plants. Similar time, last year.

Junior Lepid said...

Oh great - thanks for that, Denis.

Off to have a look at the site!