Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arachnorchis dilatata and "White Fingers"

What a thrill I had yesterday finding my first Spider Orchid!

Because of the relative warmth, I went in search of Sun Orchids but only found one lonely little Rabbit Ears (Thelymitre antennifera) and a minute version of the Slender Sun Orchid (Thelymitre pauciflora) the flower measuring no more than 10mm in diameter. Well, I assume it was that one. I am yet to process the shots.

It happens a lot to me, finding stuff only strides away from my vehicle and that's how it was yesterday. On my way back to the Utility, I cast a glance to the right as I passed beneath a large Eucalypt and there it was!
Cursing the wind which had picked up considerably, I hoped I would manage a couple of printable images of the Green-comb Spider Orchid.

(Click images to enlarge)

Flushed with enthusiasm, I decided to have a bit of a look around other vegetation close by before leaving the area and found these beautiful white Fingers orchids.
I'm pretty sure they are Petalochilus catenata, the White Fingers. They were growing through a heathy type plant. There are two rows of very pale lemon cali and the labellum 'tongue' is pale yellow. These were lovely. You will notice some damage to one of the flowers.

Now for something a bit different, here's the Common Hover Fly doing its thing on Burchardia umbellata or "Milkmaids". These pretty little flowers are bursting out everywhere now. The Hover Fly was not the focus of this photo! It's a cropped version of a larger photo of the flowers.


Denis Wilson said...

Mad as hell. I never get Spider Orchids here - wrong part of the country, apparently.
Stunning flowers aren't they?
ID is confirmed from Jones's book, although he refers to it being a late flowerer (November onwards, he says). But photo is perfect match.
As is the Petalochilus catenatus.
Are you getting Sun Orchids?
We have had 2 hot days, and the little buggers are everywhere. Today it is cold and foggy. Not one open!

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

I had a look at NSW Orchids on Colin's site yesterday and noticed there was a lack of Spiders!

Finding this one, then the Bearded Orchid a day later was such a thrill.

Yep - Thelymitra rubra is out all over the place. I found more T.antennifera on Wednesday too.