Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thelymitra ixioides & Friends

We had some warm weather a couple of weeks ago so I took advantage and went on the Sun Orchid trail again.

Denis has an excellent post on Thelymitra species here .

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Thelymitra ixioides on the wrong side of the sun for optimum photography, hence they are a bit "hot" ! :-)
This, I think, is the Common Rice Flower, Pimelea humilis. There was quite a little colony of them growing in the block containing remnant vegetation about 50 metres from my house. No orchids this year, unfortunately, but I have seen Petalochilus there in the past.
Leptospermum myrsinoides or Heath/Silky Tea Tree.

This Pimpernel, a small member of the Primulaceae family is classed as a weed but not a rotten one, apparently. I found lots of it adding a lovely splash of blue and red colour to my walks during October.
Anagallis arvensis


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for the Link.
Your Thel. ixioides is one of that species with a very odd column rim.
Very warty, and dark.
I have images of some odd ones too.
It is an extremely variable species, from what I can see.
Nice Pimpernel flower. I saw some classic "Scarlet" ones last week. Forgot to photograph them. Very pretty, and at least they can boast having a literary character (and a book) named after them.
No Sun Orchid is as famous as that!

Denis Wilson said...

I have tried to link back to your post from my latest one. Not sure of it worked.

Junior Lepid said...

Hello Denis,

Thanks for that. It's looks as though the Sun orchids are as complicated as the others! :-)

I have some photos of plain bluey ones growing in the vicinity of T. ixioides. I will dig them out and have a closer look.